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Project 2- ISSAP Logo Project

In our visualization class we were given the opportunity to design a logo for a new group, the International Space Station Archeological Project (ISSAP), co-founded by a professor at Chapman. Through this project we were challenged to push our creativity by creating many thumbnails and thoroughly understanding the project through our research. Five designs were selected to potentially become the official ISSAP logo from the 40 students who participated. My logo was among those selected for further evaluation. From this point we digitalized our logos to be sent in. I was also able to help other students digitalize their logos through my job with the Graphic Design Department.

-- The Process --


Thumbnails (20)

ISSAP Logo.png


Marker Comps

Issap final comps copy.png

Final In Situation

Final In Situation

CM logo_edited.jpg


The intention for this logo was to combine the concepts of archaeology and space through careful color choices and shapes to create a clean, professional logo. This look attests to the legitimacy of the ISSAP as pioneers in the archaeological world.

Issap Logo digital 2.png
In situation copy copy.png

Extra Work with the Ideation Lab

Through my job at the Ideation Lab with Chapman University I was able to help digitalize and touch up the logos of other students in my class who were selected as possible logos for the ISSAP.


Sarit Ashkenazi- Digitalized

Mira Thekdi- Refined and Edited

Taylor Johnston- Digitalized

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