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The final project in my Visualization class merged with my Research Methods of Graphic Design class. The project brought to life the research that we had been doing throughout the course of the Research Methods class to create our own unique exhibit on Social Media. In visualization we were able to design our exhibit based on our research, with some variation. My project focused on how social media is a tool which, in many ways, has elevated society. 

Exhibit Final  copy.png

Project 4 - Social Media Exhibit

Throughout this page you will be able to see my process and findings for this project.


- Research Development Presentation

---Phase 1

---Phase 2

---Phase 3

---Phase 4

- Design Process

---Thumbnails and Timelines

---Marker Comp and Final Timeline


The Research

The Design

Thumbnails anf Timelines

Final Timeline


Exhibit Final  copy.png
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